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How to host a superhero themed child's birthday party at home

It was Mini’s 6th birthday party recently. We had decided we’d do it at home. We have the space and she gets a real kick when people call to the house so it seemed like a natural choice. Except of course, having to be responsible for other people’s kids puts me in a state of mild panic. And… Continue reading How to host a superhero themed child's birthday party at home

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Mini Medical Card Breakthrough

In a week of horrendous cover ups and massive let downs, there’s been a chink of light in the form of  great news for kids with disabilities. It is also a massive achievement for their families who have been campaigning for years to secure medical cards for their children. This week, the Government has announced that the Bill to provide… Continue reading Mini Medical Card Breakthrough

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Top things to do in Bristol for kids 

Last weekend was midterm break for the minis. Rather than a trip down to Granny in Limerick,we decided to look further afield for adventures new. Friends of ours recently moved from London to Bristol so we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to visit them and their 18 month old who we’d never met!… Continue reading Top things to do in Bristol for kids 

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Ireland's Best Drives-Caherlistrane to Killary Harbour

Chill Insurance recently got in touch wanting to know about my favourite drives. They wanted to know about the hidden gems, the hotspots, the places I love to drive to. In this little country of ours, we’re blessed with gorgeous landscapes, which makes for fantastic drives. Much has been made of the Wild Atlantic Way with… Continue reading Ireland's Best Drives-Caherlistrane to Killary Harbour

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Choose life, choose the internet?

We’ve been sans WiFi for the past three weeks. I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s been rough. For a start, there’s been no Netflix. All kinds of withdrawal symptoms are starting to manifest including my brain keeping me awake at night coming up with potential endings for season 1 of the OA (we have… Continue reading Choose life, choose the internet?


Minis versus Mum-Days of rugby past

I’m from Limerick City where rugby is king. It’s the one sport I enjoy watching. Last Saturday was when this year’s Six Nations Rugby Tournament kicked off. It started  life as the Home Nations Tournament contested between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales way back in 1882. The addition of France in 1910 made it the Five Nations… Continue reading Minis versus Mum-Days of rugby past

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Combatting the Termination Rate for Irish Babies with Down Syndrome

After learning about the shockingly high termination rate for foetuses with Down Syndrome in the U.K., Iceland and Scandinavian countries, last weekend allowed us to finally discover what the dreaded percentage was for Irish foetuses. The figure came from Doctor Peter McParland, the director of Foetal Maternal Medicine at the National Maternity Hospital. He was speaking at a… Continue reading Combatting the Termination Rate for Irish Babies with Down Syndrome


Milton Travel Pack Give-Away

You know the drill-you’re out with baby and you’ve successfully navigated the immensely stressful event that is shopping with a small child. Now you’re back at the car, having deposited all the heavy shopping in the boot, while keeping a small child entertained. It’s time to head home and you’re hoping that baby will do you a… Continue reading Milton Travel Pack Give-Away